DH Solar-Dual Axis "Tracker"
DH Solar has developed a premium, heavy-duty, PV system that is based on a product that we have been manufacturing for the satellite industry for over 25 years. It does not search for the sun, but rather "tracks" the known arc of the sun as it moves across the sky. Unlike conventional systems, the "Solar-Tracker" is 40% more efficient because it follows the sun's arc---keeping the panels pointed at the source of the generated energy all day every day.
DH Solar-Dual Axis
Fixed-Pole Systems
DH Solar also offers "Fixed-Pole" systems for situations where "tracking" the arc of the sun is not possible due to trees, buildings, etc. A vertical seasonal adjustment in the Spring and Fall allows for improved efficiency and only takes a few seconds to do. The frame and mounting system is similar to our tracker frame and designed for all-weather locations.
Fixed-Pole Systems
DH Solar produces an ever-expanding line of solar-electric generating systems designed for "grid-tie" installations. Please check back occasionally to see new products as they are introduced. We welcome retailer and wholesaler inquiries and can ship worldwide.
Solar professionals please contact us at 1-800-627-9443 for details and pricing of specific systems.

*Note: Individual systems vary considerably in size and options due to site location, budget considerations, home size, conservation measures and other variables. Our DH Solar representatives will help design a system that is right for your need. Please call 1-800-627-9443.
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